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What is the name of the template wizard with Data Tracking (Excel. I can not locate the add in template wizard with Data Tracking in Office 2003 Hi Richard You are not the only one The Add-in is working in 2003 only the install file is not working. Copy the xla file from a PC with 2002 to the PC with 2003 and it will work(use Tools>add-ins to browse to the file in Excel) — Regards Ron de Bruin http://www.rondebruin.nl “Richard” wrote in message news:193C5DFD-578D-48F7-B9D6-9FEF5BDCEB64@microsoft.com… > What is t…

•  Click in the document location where you want to create a tally of the paragraphs (usually after any paragraph outline codes), then use Tools, Reference, Cross Reference and choose “Paragraph/Outline” as the Reference Type. In the Select Target field, type a target name such as “tally”. Then click Mark Target to insert the [Target] code into the document.

The user will then see a list of the combinations of to choose from, but the combo will return the autonumber RecordID to use to select the record. In fact, you can use the combobox wizard to create a search combo.

For example, to create a “Figure A” effect, enter the word “Figure” and a space before the numbering metacharacters (such as Figure ^#.^t). This adds the word “Figure” followed by a sequential number (^#), a period, and a tab (^t).

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The standard method for displaying a page number in InDesign is to insert an Automatic Page Number Marker into a text frame (Text menu: Insert Special Character: Marker: Current Page Number). This is typically done on your master page(s) so that the page number will appear on every page using that master. If you wish to hide the page number on pages in your document, just use a different master that does not include the marker (or use the “None” master if you do not wish to display any master page items).

The Left Indent, First Line Indent, and Tab Position settings in the Bullets And Numbering dialog box are paragraph attributes. For that reason, changing these settings in the Paragraph panel also changes bulleted and numbered list formats.

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Should you find a template you like, but need the sequential numbering, you can order those from them, too. You’ll get your tickets in sheets with micro-perforations. Then you can tear them apart like stamps. Have your volunteers assemble them into booklets and you’re ready to go.

To recap. The NZ(DMax(etc.) will take the highest value of the PONum field in tblPO and increment it. You then have to store that value somewhere. If you assign it to a control on a form, that control has to have a ControlSource of the filed in the table. Also, you need to save the record before it gets to the table.

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  1. Clicked standard Mac Office upgrade yesterday, now Entourage is disabled because of message the reads This installation of Microsoft Office X exceeds the number of installations permitted by the license agreement. User name is already using this installation of Microsoft Office X. The program will now quit. I have MS Office package with 3 product keys. I’m using my laptop now, but originally it was installed on my primary desktop Mac. What’s the solution to this problem? SHould I be concerned about preserving my emails — on Entourage, if I need to reload software? Please advise….
    Note that this method works only for the level you are currently using for your outline. For example, iIf you are using second-level items (n.n) at that point, you would only type second-level numbers (e.g., “2.1,” “3.1,” etc.). If you need a third-level item, first demote the current two-level item down to a three-level item (n.n.n), then type a third-level item into the dialog (e.g., “3.1.1”). If you don’t demote the item first, WordPerfect will “round up” the current number to conform to the current level’s scheme (e.g., two-level numbers).
    Moreover, the subscripts and superscripts could have been left off in the third, fourth, and fifth notations, if the indexing set was understood to be the natural numbers. Note that in the second and third bullets, there is a well-defined sequence ( a k ) k = 1 ∞ {displaystyle (a_{k})_{k=1}^{infty }} , but it is not the same as the sequence denoted by the expression.
    To save your design, click the Save button. In the pop-up window, create a file name and save to either your free MyAvery online account or to your computer. To go back and open your saved projects, just go to avery.com/print.
    I make the design with as many up as I need on the master page, linking the frames where the numbers will go. Then I make the list using Excel, copy paste to ID and apply a paragraph style with “start in next frame” option. Click the outbox on the pasted text to get a loaded cursor and delete the frame. Then just shift-click over the first textframe on a live page to have as many “tickets” added as needed automatically.

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