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My only argument against Data Merge for numbering tickets is that it takes far longer (for me, at least) than this numbering feature. However, if you had multiple pieces of data (not just numbers) that needed to change from ticket to ticket, then Yes! Data Merge or XMPie or InData or something like that would likely be better.

Sep 12, – How to add automatic numbering in InDesign. Just a quick reminder of how to create automatic (incremental) numbers using InDesign – for example numbered tickets! Easy to do.. you just have to know how to find the Data Merge menu. Step 1. Create a Text file (txt) with your data – you can make this in

it can be done with almost any software that has print merge function (we use corel draw a lot for such jobs). you create a excel file with numbers, and merge them into design. once you learn it it is easy and fast.

Annabelle – You need the tickets in the top slot of each page to run from 1 to 167, then the second slot down to be 168 – 335, then have 336 – 500 in the third slot. Easiest way to achieve that would be to create a your list of numbers in Step 3 in Excel so it runs as 1,168,336,2,169,337 … etc., like this:

Whatever your fundraising needs are for; school fundraising, church fundraising, gun raffles, or any other type raffle needs, you will find a low cost ticket to choose from that will be delivered with fast turnaround. All our prices include sequential numbering. Within each style, you also have the option as to whether the tickets come loose, padded or in booklets.

Enter your own text into the template once it is opened in Publisher. Click in the text boxes on the template to enter text. To change the color of the text, highlight it and use the tools under “Format” and “Font” to change the font color.

Update the sequence of numbers of copied tickets by highlighting the number and clicking on the right button of your mouse. A drop-down menu will give you the option to update the field and the system will automatically update the number in sequence. Each ticket must be individually updated before printing.

You create a numbering macro in Excel. I have mine set-up so I can do multi-up NCR crash numbering and still be able to cut & stack the output. Raffle tickets would be just as easy. PM me with your e-mail and I will send you my excel file.

Add unique numbers to gift certificates     By using a unique number on each certificate, you can track when gift certificates are redeemed, by whom, and for what product or service. In addition, by adding unique tracking numbers, you can ensure that the gift certificates are not duplicated or redeemed more than once.

 Keep dragging down and let the sheet scroll up until you get to, say, row 501. That will give you consecutive numbers up to 500. Go as far as you need for the number of raffle tickets you need, like this:

Am looking for a template for a raffle ticket – preferably with a tear off stub on one end. Any ideas? Thanks! Raffle tickets are easy to make. Decide what size, input the information. You can get an idea how they would look here: http://www.raffle-tickets.com/templates.html There is a tutorial here on how to do the consecutive numbering http://www.publishermvps.com/Default.aspx?tabid=95 — Mary Sauer MS MVP http://office.microsoft.com/ http://msauer.mvps.org/ news://msnews.microsoft.com “Michele” wrote in message news:AEFF2FBC-96A9-4…

I went through the video and everything worked perfectly. Thank you so much for this helpful video. However, I need to go back in a edit the size of overall format, to fit into a stock OfficeDepot template and add 500 numbers. It’s not happening,… is it not possible to edit after you have done the mailmerge? Do I have to start all over and create a new one?

Our aggressive pricing structure permits resellers to take advantage of wholesale like pricing. If you are a reseller, make sure to select the “Reseller” option when entering your quantities etc. for your order, so that we will not print our logo on the tickets.

Nowadays when you explore the internet you will be bewildered by the number of Word templates which has in itself several varieties of event tickets for you to use conveniently. Microsoft Word gives you options to avail those tickets as they appear on the template or you can make it creative, artistic and alluring at your wits’ imaginative power. You can even slot in images for a better appeal!

Smile! Be friendly and approachable. You’re raising funds for a cause that you’re passionate about, so let that shine through. People respond to genuineness, and when they can see how much you care, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

The script does have a list of its features on its website but unfortunately doesn’t feature a written how-to, and understanding some of the features can be a little confusing. So I’m taking it upon myself to explain it a bit.

5. Currently you can pull the default number “1” which Microsoft Publisher shows and put it on your ticket. Don’t forget to hit on the OK tab which makes the publisher to update the event ticket number without any errors.

1. Create a text frame on the Master page, while dragging, split the frame horizontally and vertically using arrows on the keyboard (Gridify your frame), this way all frames are threaded, you may do the same on both pages of the Masters (Spread) but make sure you link last frame of left Master page and first text frame of right Master page.

WordTemplatesBundle.com currently has 6 different templates available for free. Two of them are run-of-the-mill tickets that would be great for things like an office or classroom draw. The other four are the ones that are most helpful as they do automatic serial numbering.

Once you are happy with your basic layout, copy everything three times so you have a page of four tickets. At this point, they won’t be numbered tickets just yet, you will add the numbers in a moment:

Now, pay attention to this bit if you are not a regular Excel user. Select the cell with the 2 in it, then carefully click the tiny square at the bottom right raffle ticket numbering in indesign that cell. Click that square and drag the mouse down the screen:

Our orders are processed on a first-in first-out basis. However, if Priority Service is selected, your order will be expedited prior to our regular orders. In fact, this could result in shipping your order the day it is received, so long as we receive your order by noon E.S.T.

Select the number of books to print from the Books dropdown and Tickets per book from Tickets/Book dropdown. The total number of tickets, calculated from selected books and Tickets/Book is displayed, with total pages (including cover pages) needed to produce the tickets.

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