“printable raffle tickets with numbers sequentially numbering pages in word”

Choose from a variety of stocks, fonts and styles online. We guarantee our tickets will be consecutively numbered and in order. Order multiple copies and/or colors at once for greater discount tier pricing. The only thing Economy about this style ticket is the price!

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Watch this very brief video tutorial on using an Excel sheets and Microsoft Word raffle ticket templates to create bulk tickets with automate ticket and serial numbers. And how to do basic modifications with raffle tickets.

The system offers you a list of number range objects with different lengths of the sequential number from 6 to 16 digits, with or without number groups (number range subobject), and with or without fiscal year dependency. The number range objects can be shared by different countries.

Occasionally we come across project requirements that include the ability to do sequential numbering in Access on a set of data. We cannot just use the auto-number data type because there is no promise of sequentiality but only uniqueness. In other words, if someone creates a record then later deletes it, there will be a gap in the sequence. So, what are our options? There are actually several ways, each with its pros and cons.

You cannot enter a blank space by pressing the spacebar—copy and paste a fixed-width space character from the document window instead. Note that plus (+) or comma (,) symbols cannot be used in section prefixes. (See Insert white space characters.)

Open your Layers window. If it is not already open, open it by going to (Window > Layers). Rename the layer with the placed pdf ‘Background’ and then create a new layer and name it ‘Numbering’. Lock the ‘Background’ layer. Then select the ‘Numbering’ Layer.

Your code looks correct. What do you mean by it doesn’t work? When that code is run, txtAlphaCount should show the next number in sequence. You need to explain further. Also where are you putting that line of code?

Print Template Definition of Legal Documents form is not used for generating the output for Portugal legal documents. For Portugal, Print Template Definition of Legal Documents record is created only to assign its value in Print ncr numbering Relationship form. Hence, there are no specific values to consider when you set up Portugal Print Template Definition of Legal Documents form.

So which numbering system to be used for the project is one of the key questions that is to be answered at the beginning of the project itself. The question in ususally answered in the kick-off meeting. Normally – as most of the parties are reluctant to change their internally processes for a specific project, a drawing or the document tends to have multiple document/drawings numbers – one from the owner, one from the contractor and one from the Vendor. 

On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose  Accounting Financial Accounting General Ledger Periodic Processing Closing Report General Ledger Reports (New) Financial Statement/Cash Flow China Adjustment Documents Check and Adjust Official Document Numbering

Thank you for these instructions!! I’m using them to auto number my son’s baseball team raffle tickets which we hand numbered last year (UGH!). I followed the instructions exactly but for some reason the numbering is starting at 2 every time. I did deselect the checkbox about the column headers which seems the obvious culprit. Any ideas? I’m using Word on a PC. Thanks!!

The key question for version 1.1 is whether it will be released. Every change should (I say must) be approved, otherwise we are accumulating a series of unapproved changes for some future approval and release. If one does the latter, then 1.1 cannot be released and it is considered an internal interim version. To do this well requires a change/release/document control log (whatever we want to call it).

In this scenario we are assuming that there will be no more than 999 documents attached to a case. In Scenario 2 we assumed no more than 9999 inquires during a year. So you need to adjust the number of zeros when formatting Sequence for the anticipated number of records. Of course this can always be changed later. You also don’t need to format the sequence with leading zeros as the Format function does. As shown the expression returns something like: DCASD/CI123-025 for the 25th document in case CI123 for client DCASD. Without leading zeros it would be: DCASD/CI123-25. The advantage to the latter is that you don’t have to anticipate the number of records you might have in the sequence, but I’ve found many users prefer a more uniform number with the leading zeros.

A Sequence field tracks differently numbered lists within a document. Combining Sequence fields and AutoText entries give you a fast and easy way to insert Interrogatories, Requests for Production, and Requests for Admission.

That’s right. There’s a great ticket template that comes with Microsoft Word 2010 and newer. When you create a new document in word, just type “raffle tickets” in the search box. Then you’ll see a thumbnail image of the template.

All claims MUST be made within 72 hours of receipt of your order for custom orders and within 90 days for non-custom orders. Shipping charges will not be refunded. Returned products must be in absolutely new and unused condition for refund. Should your print job contain manufacturing errors and/or defects, we will rerun and ship the job at no charge. NCRForms.com reserves the exclusive right to judge what a manufacturing error and defect is.

The problem with the previous example is that it’s OK since you only need it in one place but if you will have several places where it is used, you now have to qualify the instance of VBA.Collection to each place – not insurmountable but too easy to get messy and hairy very fast.

NCR (no carbon required) or carbonless forms, like the name suggests, have eliminated the need for carbon paper between sheets to create multiple copies of the same form. The paper is chemically treated to transfer the impression from the first page to the subsequent pages with very little pressure. This works because the bottom side of carbonless NCR paper is coated with micro-encapsulated dye that breaks when pressed. The top of the susequent sheet is coated with clay that reacts with the dye to form a permanent mark. When the top sheet is written on, the pressure causes the micro-capsules to break and release the dye onto the page beneath it.

Installs drivers for core, integrated POS peripheral hardware (cash drawer, line display, MSR, resistive touch) and hardware access interfaces (system information, odometers, etc.) only. Does not include core chipset drivers already included in HWB images. Does not include drivers for external peripherals.

An alternative to writing the domain of a sequence in the subscript is to indicate the range of values that the index can take by listing its highest and lowest legal values. For example, the notation ( k 2 ) k = 1 10 {\displaystyle (k^{2})_{k=1}^{10}} denotes the ten-term sequence of squares ( 1 , 4 , 9 , . . . , 100 ) {\displaystyle (1,4,9,…,100)} . The limits ∞ {\displaystyle \infty } and − ∞ {\displaystyle -\infty } are allowed, but they do not represent valid values for the index, only the supremum or infimum of such values, respectively. For example, the sequence ( a n ) n = 1 ∞ {\displaystyle (a_{n})_{n=1}^{\infty }} is the same as the sequence ( a n ) n ∈ N {\displaystyle (a_{n})_{n\in \mathbb {N} }} , and does not contain an additional term “at infinity”. The sequence ( a n ) n = − ∞ ∞ {\displaystyle (a_{n})_{n=-\infty }^{\infty }} is a bi-infinite sequence, and can also be written as ( . . . , a − 1 , a 0 , a 1 , a 2 , . . . ) {\displaystyle (…,a_{-1},a_{0},a_{1},a_{2},…)} .

Have you ever thought of adding a sponsor to your tickets or wristbands? Custom printing on your wristbands or tickets can help generate revenue for your business by offering sponsors a place for advertising. Sponsors advertising funds often offset the entire amount of the wristband or ticket. You can also print special offers on the bands as part of a sales promotion to increase sales.

I might not have explained in depth enough. I’m using FPImposer to create a 2up document that needs to be numbered from 1000-1500. With our equipment, and the way most NCR comes pre-packaged, I need to have what would be the 2 documents alternated (white 1000, yellow 1000, white 1001, yellow 1001), while maintaining a cutstack imposition for 2 5.5×8.5 sheets on a letter sized print.

It’s also a good idea to create your print file with more Tickets (more Books) than you initially think you’ll need. You can then easily print more Tickets if needed later, without having to re-create the print file with extra Books.

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One solution is to format the heading with the style and follow it with a hidden paragraph mark. You should format the text in the next paragraph with a style that is not included in the Table of Contents. A hidden paragraph mark keeps the text together on one line when it is printed, even though it is actually two separate paragraphs. The Table of Contents command picks up only those paragraphs with heading styles and places them into the Table of Contents.

If the second number on your raffle ticket is one higher than the first number, you must have accidentally put the <> tag after the first number (causing the next number, on the same ticket, to increase by one). You only need the <> after the second number on each ticket, so the next ticket gets a new number. (But you don’t need it on the final ticket on the **page**, because the next **page** automatically gets a new number)

Now for the slightly hard bit. If you just try and complete your merge now, you’ll get several pages of tickets. Each page will have four tickets on it. But all tickets on any page will have the same number. Each page will have a different number, but all the tickets on that page will have the same number. That’s no good. You need each ticket to have a different number.

At this point, you’re ready to load your card stock into the printer and print the tickets. I recommend that you preview the print job before sending it to the printer to make sure everything’s in order. To print the tickets, do the following:

Note that next day air & 2nd day shipping does not mean that you will receive your order in one or two days after you approve it. The shipping is the time that your raffle tickets will take to reach you AFTER they are printed. HOWEVER, we do not guarantee that your package will reach you in two days even if you pay additional for the second day service. Example: If we finish your order and ship it on a Thursday or a Friday you will most likely receive your second day shipment on the next Monday. We are also not responsible for any shipping delays including weather. Our ground shipping is usually through the US Post Office Priority Mail and normally on most orders it will take up to three days to receive your shipment.

I am rating this a 4 because the VIP passes we thought they were laminated by the wording. The game day tickets were perfect! The only thing that kept me from rating a 5 is that I have to laminate the VIP passes before our first home game and that is alot for me to do by hand

Recently I have been marking up my changes manually, simply by changing the font colour, and thus avoiding such subversive feelings. This has the added benefit that I can choose my markup colour rather than having Word choose it for me. And my favourite markup colour is…(wait for it)…pink! Specifically, magenta. Why magenta? Because it’s the one colour that shows up well both in colour and when printed out in black & white. Blue and red are both too dark, but magenta is just right. Magenta markup has the added benefit of providing an ideal ice-breaker for document review sessions – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to explain why I use it. 

Welcome to Amazon.com. If you prefer a simplified shopping experience, try the mobile web version of Amazon at www.amazon.com/access. The mobile web version is similar to the mobile app. Stay on Amazon.com for access to all the features of the main Amazon website.

“auto numbering raffle ticket ncr numbering software”

The way we worked it with versioning for files away from SharePoint, is two ways. Anyone who had a stake in the document had access the SharePoint, so they changed the file there. The other way was to have one person own the document and have the changes forwarded to them. They both work!

If ( c n ) {\displaystyle (c_{n})} is a sequence such that a n ≤ c n ≤ b n {\displaystyle a_{n}\leq c_{n}\leq b_{n}} for all n > N {\displaystyle n>N} and lim n → ∞ a n = lim n → ∞ b n = L {\displaystyle \lim _{n\to \infty }a_{n}=\lim _{n\to \infty }b_{n}=L} ,

Should you find a template you like, but need the sequential numbering, you can order those from them, too. You’ll get your tickets in sheets with micro-perforations. Then you can tear them apart like stamps. Have your volunteers assemble them into booklets and you’re ready to go.

The auto-indenting feature of bullets and lists has always frustrated me. EVERY time you apply a numbered or bulleted list, you’ve got to set the indents. I want my lists to be indented at the very left of the page, flush with the rest of the paragraphs. But no, Microsoft insists that you want them indented by 0.63cm and hanging at 1.27cm (WHY 0.63? Why not 0.7? Or 1.0cm? But that’s a question for a different session.) (I know, it’s because MS is American and still uses inches etc…)

Any suggestions on the best way to split the 6 regions so that the top left region would be 1-335, then the middle top would be 336-670, Then the top right would be 671-1005, then bottom left would be 1006 – 1340, Then bottom middle would be 1341-1675, then the final bottom right region would be 1676-2010?

By 1911 it had sold one million machines and grown to almost 6,000 employees. Combined with rigorous legal attacks, Patterson’s methods enabled the company to fight off bankruptcy, buy-out over 80 of its early competitors, and achieve control of 95% of the U.S. market.

Thanks Tony – i am going to start using the WIP designation today. I usually start revising my documents about 2 minutes after issuing them to the team – so this will really help me organize the in progress vs the issued.

NCR was acquired September 19, 1991 by AT&T Corporation for $7.4 billion and was joined with Teradata Corporation on February 28, 1992. As an http://sl-inworld.com subsidiary, its 1992 year-end headcount was 53,800 employees and contractors.[17] By 1993, the subsidiary produced a year-end $1.287 billion net loss on $7.265 billion in revenue. The net losses continued in 1994 and 1995, losses that required repeated subsidies from the parent company and resulted in a 1995 year-end headcount of 41,100.[17] During these three years, AT&T was the former NCR’s largest customer, accounting for over $1.5 billion in revenue.[17]

Hi Scott, Thank you for a very informative Blog. I am however stuck. I need to create a sequence for patient record cards based on their LastName. ie For names beginning with “A” =A001, then A002, For names beginning with “B =”B001, then B002 etc.

Often we get a request to purchase 500 raffle tickets each with two sets of random numbers. Those numbers would include all possibilities of the “pick 3” state lottery (000-999). The ticket holder would have two chances to win for each raffle ticket he or she purchases.

The next step is to create the simple Excel workbook that contains the ticket numbers. Open a blank Excel sheet. Using Figure B as a guide, create the ticket numbering sheet and save it, making sure to note the new workbook’s name and location. As we discussed earlier, the Excel workbook stores the ticket numbers. In this example, we’ll create 11 tickets numbered 100 through 110. You’ll need to update the ticket values for each merge.

Admit One Products offers a variety of templates, ticket styles and paper choices online to print your event tickets online. Some of the benefits of using our Economy General Admission Tickets include:

Choose from a variety of stocks, fonts and styles online. We guarantee our tickets will be consecutively numbered and in order. Order multiple copies and/or colors at once for greater discount tier pricing. The only thing Economy about this style ticket is the price!

If you want to auto number the unique ID column for each project number(e.g. abc/01, abc/02, def/01), in logic, when new item is saved into library, we have to get the maximum number by retrieving all existing item ID for one particualr project, then plus one, using event receivers should be more flexible.

“Gewinnspielticketnummern zum Ausdrucken sequentielle Nummerierung in Word”

SNACKS GETRÄNKE LM DIE INNOVATIVE ERWEITERUNGS- IDEE Beistellschrank für frische Lebensmittel bei < +4 C, Süßwaren/Snacks oder Getränke, in Kombination mit einem FS- oder SÜ-Gerät SP 1300 COMPETENCE IN MANUAL DE INSTRUÇÕES PARA MÁQUINA DE LAVAR LOUÇA ÍNDICE CAP 1 PREFÁCIO........................2 CAP 2 INSTALAÇÃO....................... 2 ......................... 2 ESEMBALAGEM ........................2 SSENTAMENTO ......................3 IGAÇÃO ELÉCTRICA ......................3 IGAÇÃO HIDRÁULICA ..................3 IGAÇÃO À LINHA DE ESCOAMENTO ..................4 BRILHANTADOR E DETERGENTE CAP 3 RISCOS E AVISOS IMPORTANTES ................ Sie können jedoch,…um eine lückenlose Nummerierung zu gewährleisten,…auch Nummernkreise für Kunden und Lieferanten anlegen,…um damit z. B. der Datev-Logik zu folgen.…Sie müssen dazu zunächst je einen Nummernkreis…für Kunden und Lieferanten anlegen.…Dies tun Sie am schnellsten unter "Administration" -…"Systeminitialisierung" - "Belegnummerierung".…Suchen Sie sich im Fenster "Belegnummerierung"…den Eintrag "Geschäftspartner Kunde"…und doppelklicken auf die Zeile.… Um Gerüchte, die mittlerweile im Ort kursieren, zu entkräften, betonte Meyer: „Es wurden niemals Anschuldigungen gegen die Kassiererinnen und Kassierer der Tombola vom Bürgermeister oder seiner Stellvertreterin geäußert. Bei der Sicherstellung der Lose 2016, die erfolgte, um Versäumnisse zu heilen, wurde einvernehmlich mit dem Marktvogt die Einlagerung von Losen- und Lostrommel im Bürgermeisterbüro vereinbart.“ Im folgenden Beispiel werden Zeilennummern für alle Zeilen in der SalesOrderHeader-Tabelle in der Reihenfolge des OrderDate berechnet und nur die Zeilen 50 bis 60 (einschließlich) zurückgegeben.The following example calculates row numbers for all rows in the SalesOrderHeader table in the order of the OrderDate and returns only rows 50 to 60 inclusive. Sie arbeiten viel mit Excel? Die Nummerierung von Zeilen erhöht die Übersichtlichkeit Ihrer Daten. Sie möchten die Zeilen Ihrer Umsatzaufstellung fortlaufend nummerieren. Sie könnten nun die Zahlen von 1 bis 5 einzeln vor die jeweiligen Produkte eintippen. Excel bietet Ihnen allerdings eine Funktion, die Ihnen diese Tipparbeit erspart. MANUALE DI ISTRUZIONE PER LAVASTOVIGLIE Cap 7 SMALTIMENTO Sulle nostre macchine non esistono materiali che richiedono particolari procedure di smaltimento. 7.1 Informazione agli utenti ai sensi dell’art. 13 del Decreto Legislativo 25 luglio 2005, n. 151 "Attuazione delle Direttive 2002/95/CE, 2002/96/CE e 2003/108/CE, relative alla riduzione dell'uso di sostanze pericolose nelle apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche, nonché... 2 modular I flexible I future-oriented RADUS CFS-606 NUMMERIER- UND EINDRUCKSYSTEM FÜR ENDLOSE VORDRUCKE Kundenorientierte Konfiguration Jederzeit Erweiterbar 2 ZUKUNFTSSICHERHEIT DURCH MODULARE ERWEITERBARKEIT Die RADUS CFS Serie bietet höchsten Durchsatz und Effizienz bei bekannter Zuverlässigkeit für verschiedenste Anwendungen. Nummerieren und Codieren sowie die Applikation von Etiketten und Heißprägehologrammen auf Endlosformularen - die RADUS CFS-Serie aus dem Hause Arnold Herzig GmbH steht für überlegene Lösungen, die auch die Bedürfnisse der Märkte von morgen bedienen. Made in Germany - aus einer Hand! In-house Forschung In-house Entwicklung In-house Design In-house Konstruktion In-house Programmierung In-house Fertigung In-house Montage RADUS-Systeme sind in staatlichen und privaten Sicherheitsdruckunternehmen auf der ganzen Welt im sequential numbering Die Maschinen der CFS-Serie vereinen zukunftssichere Modularität mit unübertroffener Haltbarkeit, bewährt in mehr als 50-jähriger Erfahrung.

Poiščite izvajalca, ki ustreza vašim željam, potrebam in cenovnim zmožnostim. Na enem mestu lahko izbirate med grafičnimi oblikovalci, fotografi, tekstopisci in drugimi, ki jih pogosto potrebujete za uspešno predstavitev in izvajanje različnih marketinških aktivnosti…

BRUGERVEJLEDNING TIL OPVASKEMASKINE • Placer alt bestikket i bestikholderen, med grebet vendt nedad. • Det anbefales at vaske servicet umiddelbart efter brug for at undgå, at snavset bliver hårdt og sætter sig fast. • Sæt kurven ind i maskinen og luk døren. •…

BRUGERVEJLEDNING TIL OPVASKEMASKINE Kap 7 BORTSKAFFELSE Vores maskiner indeholder ingen materialer, som kræver særlige bortskaffelsesprocedurer. 7.1 Information til brugeren iht. artikel 13 i lovbekendtgørelse af 25.juli 2005, nr. 151 “Implementering af direktiverne 2002/95/EF, 2002/96/EF og 2003/108/EF vedrørende reduktion af brugen af farlige stoffer i elektrisk og elektronisk udstyr, samt bortskaffelse af affald”…

Mit dem Veranstaltungsticket bieten Sie den Teilnehmern Ihrer Veranstaltung einen besonderen Service. Nutzen Sie diesen aktiv in Ihrer Kommunikation! Nehmen Sie das Angebot z.B. in Mailings zu Ihrer Veranstaltung auf oder weisen Sie auf Ihrer Website auf das spezielle Angebot hin. Hierbei unterstützen wir Sie mit den folgenden Materialien zum Download.

■ Produkt Übersicht ■ Dokumentenschutz mit Seriennummerierung ■ Dokumentenschutz mit Hologramm Applikation  ■ Schutz gegen Fälschungen – Sicherheitshologramme – Hologrammprägungen ■ Hologramm Heisspräge Maschine für Einzelbögen / Einzelblatt ■ Hologramm Heisspräge Maschine für Endlosformulare ■ RFID Technologie – Chip Programmierung und Druck Personalisierung ■ RFID Transponder – Smart Karten und Smart Tickets ISO CR80 / ID-1 ■ RFID Transponder – Smart Tickets und Smart Etiketten von Rolle ■ UV-DOD Inkjet – Maschine für Druck Personalierung / Serialisierung ■ Bevorstehende Messen: Gulf Print Pack Dubai – VAE DRUPA Duesseldorf – Germany ■ Verwandte Links: High Security Printing Security Document World Connect ID International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA) Security Printers Intergraf Smart and Innovative Solutions – seit 1964  Arnold Herzig GmbH En De

BRUGERVEJLEDNING TIL OPVASKEMASKINE 4.7 Tømning af maskinen 4.7.1 Maskiner uden udledningspumpe Sluk for maskinen. Afbryd strømforsyningen og luk for vandet. Fig.6 A Tag det indbyggede filter ud ( Fig.7B Tag overløbsindretningen ud ved at trække den opad ( ), og vent på, at karret er helt tømt.

MANUALE DI ISTRUZIONE PER LAVASTOVIGLIE • Qualora lo scarico non sia ad un livello inferiore alla base della macchina, è possibile usare la versione provvista di pompa scarico (disponibile su richiesta). • In questo caso L’altezza massima dello scarico è pari ad 1 m. •…

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“numerazione dei ticket di benefit in editore numerazione sequenziale delle pagine in parola 2013”

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[…] pratica alla fatturazione. Dopo aver introdotto gli Elementi Base della Fattura ed aver visto il Documento di Trasporto, in questo articolo analizziamo le tipologie di fattura più usate: fattura immediata, fattura […]

Il primo premio vale cinque milioni di euro, mentre “l’importo degli altri premi di prima categoria, nonché il numero e l’importo degli altri eventuali premi delle altre categorie, saranno determinati dal Comitato dopo l’accertamento del ricavato della vendita dei biglietti”, come specificato nel decreto dell’Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli.

La Sperry Rand produce su scala industriale un computer completamente transistorizzato derivato da un prototipo realizzato per l’Air Force. Il calcolatore pesa 1600 chilogrammi e copre una superficie di 25 metri quadri.

10 premi in palio, tutti artigianali, fatti a mano con il cuore: – grande sacca artigianale in cotone ecrù tessuto a telaio, foderata in cotone colorato (stoffe dal Ciad) – Tovaglia artigianale in cotone ecrù tessuto a telaio (dal Ciad) con inserto in pizzo – borsa artigianale in cotone ecrù tessuto a telaio, foderata in cotone colorato (stoffe dal Ciad) – tovaglietta per due in cotone ecrù tessuto a con due tovaglioli (soffe dal Ciad) – spilla artigianale in rame – orecchini in ottone e perle – orecchini in rame e perline – lampada da tavolo artigianale con materili da riciclo – vassoio con materiali di riciclo – specchio con materiali di riciclo

Nella cultura che riduce la persona a oggetto manipolabile, la presenza di medici cattolici assume il carattere di una coraggiosa testimonianza. Il discorso del Papa apre una prospettiva di missione culturale, capace di sfidare l’ideologia dominante.

L’arte nasce da una finestra spalancata sulla realtà con quella potenza efficace che gli fornisce la ragione, da intendersi come un’apertura alla realtà che tenga in debita considerazione tutti i fattori. Da questo punto di vista, Pirandello sembra concordare con altri grandi geni del passato come Dante, Shakespeare e Manzoni.

anch’io come molti italiani ho ricevuto ieri una Sua mail dove dopo un cordiale saluto mi scrive: «Voglio chiarirti le tante inesattezze riportate sulle mie intenzioni e sulle proprietà di Forza Italia». Ci siamo incontrati personalmente solo un paio di volte e non sapevo ci dessimo del tu, ma visto che si tratta di una mail standard e dà del tu a tutti gli italiani non starò a sottilizzare. Come ncr numbering sottilizzo né ironizzo sul riferimento alle «proprietà di Forza Italia». Immagino che chi ha scritto la mail per Lei volesse parlare delle posizioni politiche di Forza Italia e non delle proprietà del partito: meno che meno delle Sue personali, di cui sappiamo fin troppo grazie a giornalisti e giudici maliziosi.

Inoltre, il testo è orientato a una concezione semplicistica e materialistica della vita sessuale, subordinando l’esperienza affettiva e relazionale alle nozioni meramente biologiche e anatomiche apprese nella prima infanzia e trascurando la problematicità etica tipica della sfera sessuale come di ogni agire umano.

Qualunque informazione relativa a persone fisica, persona giuridica, ente o associazione, identificati o identificabili, anche indirettamente, mediante riferimento a qualsiasi altra informazione, ivi compreso un numero di identificazione personale.

Soprattutto, per la prima volta il lettore italiano potrà vedere in tutta la sua inimmaginabile accuratezza il complesso metodo mitopoietico di Tolkien, nel quale linguaggio, filologia e letteratura si fondono assieme per sub-creare il meraviglioso e realistico mondo della Terra di Mezzo.

I biglietti con dettagli lucidi Uv, grazie anche alla plastificazione opaca, hanno un bellissimo effetto. Con la prima spedizione, c’era stato un problema perché una parte della verniciatura richiesta era sfuggita nella lavorazione, ma gentilissimi hanno risolto nel giro di pochi giorni, rinviando i biglietti corretti.

I vincitori dei premi della Lotteria Italia 2017 dovranno far pervenire all’indirizzo: Ufficio premi di Lotteria Nazionali srl, viale del Campo Boario, 56/D, 00154 Roma, il biglietto vincente ma a rischio del possessore. Ci sarà un tempo massimo per effettuare tale operazione ovvero 180 giorni dalla data di pubblicazione dei numeri dei biglietti vincenti sul sito www.agenziadoganemonopoli.gov.it del bollettino ufficiale dell’estrazione della Lotteria Italia 2017.

A questo punto selezioniamo lo strumento testo (Icona con la T / Comando da tastiera: t) dalla barra degli strumenti a sinistra e disegniamo una piccola casella di testo nel punto in cui vogliamo far comparire la numerazione nel nostro documento. Successivamente, se non soddisfatti del risultato, con lo strumento Selezione (Icona con la freccia nera / Comando da tastiera: v) possiamo spostare la casella di testo a nostro piacimento.

Buongiorno…..io con la mia ditta ho acquistato del materiale dal fornitore x , in un secondo tempo vendo il materiale al cliente Z con destinazione in un cantiere del cliente di Z per cui emetto DDT al cliente Z con destinazione cantiere dove viene portata la merce (altra ditta).

È vietata la variazione, contraffazione o utilizzazione non autorizzata, in tutto od in parte, del materiale contenuto nei siti. È vietato, altresì, il download dei testi e delle immagini contenuti nel sito senza espressa autorizzazione di Partner Solution S.r.l. .

Secondo Kalin, il 17 novembre a Bruxelles è stata discussa la lista nera dell’UE, poi gli Ambasciatori dei Paesi europei si sono interessati alla efficacia delle sanzioni. “Dal punto di vista dell’influenza sulla politica estera, le sanzioni non funzionano” ha detto l’inviato. “Non è cambiata. Continuerà e, credo, sarà portata a termine.” http://italian.ruvr.ru/news/2014_11_17/Mosca-le-sanzioni-non-influenzeranno-la-politica-estera-russa-0319/

I due astronauti americani Neil Armstrong e Edwin Aldrin scendono sulla Luna. La missione sia per quanto riguarda la guida, la navigazione e le condizioni fisiche degli astronauti e controllata da due calcolatori di bordo del peso di circa 30 chili ciascuno. Tutti i dati sono inviati a terra istante per istante dove vengono visualizzati e controllati a Houston nel Texas.

Utilizzare il programma Ricerca definizione modelli stampa per documenti legali (P7430021) per impostare modelli di stampa che definiscono il numero di righe e i tipi di informazioni da stampare nella sezione dei dettagli dei documenti legali. Dopo aver impostato le definizioni dei modelli stampa, è possibile assegnare tipi di documenti legali alle definizioni, in modo che il sistema utilizzi il modello corretto per ogni tipo di documento legale.

Caso2: i DDT vanno tenuti completi della loro numerazione. Vanno annotati come ‘annullati’, in pratica come (cosa peraltro corrispondente alla realtà) la merce per B non fosse mai partita. Questo naturalmente comporta che B non debba avere i DDT.

La numerologia e la divinazione numerologica erano pratiche popolari fra i primi matematici come Pitagora, ma non sono più considerate parte della matematica e sono considerate invece una pseudoscienza. Questo sviluppo è storicamente simile a quello avuto dall’astrologia nei confronti dell’astronomia o dall’alchimia nei confronti della chimica

Di quello che lei elenca, l’unico elemento su cui possono fare leva, a mio avviso, è la mancanza della firma della ricezione. Non contestano la correttezza formale del documento (che è in regola) ma l’inesistenza dell’operazione e per questo utilizzano alcuni elementi di deduzione che, a loro giudizio, fanno apparire l’operazione come ‘falsa’. Questo esula dalla correttezza del DDT.

Devi creare un solo file in Excel con 3 colonne, ogni colonna deve avere un nome diverso (ad esempio NUMERI – SERIE – CATEGORIE) ed i campi varibili (le righe). Esporti il file .TXT usando Testo delimitato da tabulazione (mi sembra si chiami così) e lo carichi in InDesign. A quel punto non avrai solo NUMERI, ma anche gli altri campi varibili che devi piazzare sul tuo file e generi il tuo documento unione.

Vorrei sapere, posso scrivere sul DDT che la merce mi è stata pagata? Cioè posso scrivere pagato in contati o con assegno? O devo per forza fare una fattura accompagnatoria se ricevo il pagamento nel momento in cui trasferisco la merce? Se trasporto la merce con DDT e il cliente mi paga al momento della consegna come devo comportarmi?

No a mio avviso non è corretto, serve il DDT, la copia commissione non è sufficiente in caso di controllo della GdF su strada. Il DDT può essere chiuso correttamente anche con la sola emissione di scontrino fiscale, nessun problema in questo. Buona prassi tenere copia dello scontrino allegata al DDT per eventuali controlli successivi.

anzi fatti l’impaginazionedi una mastro la applichi per quante pagine ti serve fino ad arrivare a 5000 poi selezioni tutte le pagine, e sul pannello paine spunta “ignora tutti gli elementi della pagina mastro” in due click hai la tua numerazione porgressiva perfetta

“raffle ticket numbers sequentially numbered pages”

Coding Your Documents. It is suggested that a procedure and training manuals be developed to ensure that all the documents are coded in a consistent uniform method. A procedure manual will contain a description of the document processing that will take place and the order of the screening process. A training manual relates to a particular case and explains to the trainee HOW each step is to be performed and what is pertinent to the case.

The numbering for each type of legal document must be consecutive. Because you can print some of the legal documents from more than one JD Edwards EnterpriseOne program, you set up next numbers for legal documents so that the system assigns a valid next number no matter which program you use to print a document.

When a single document, using a manually edited Document Control Number, is copied to another folder, an additional page is displayed in the Transfer Wizard, prompting the user to enter the new document number for the copy of the document.

The last two companies that I have worked for have used SharePoint for versioning the documents. This works quite well as it is auto versioning, so you don’t have to change the title. You can also access any version before to get back to an original question about something that has been changed.

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Field Properties. For each field that you create, you have the capability to limit and define what information can be entered into that specific field. For example, you can designate a field a “date” field and only dates can be entered in the field.

There is very simple solution that we use and that is to lay out the sheet say 6 up on a A4 sheet as a master page and in document setup set the number of pages to 1,000 if that is the amount you require. Put a page number on each ticket on the page and although they will all have the same number on each page, we put the the first two letters of the customers business name before each number followed by the letters of the alphabet so it then reads for example BT1A, BT2A, BT3A, BT1B, BT2B, BT2C and so on as each page is printed.

This will work OK for a small set of data, but the more data there is, the more intensive the subquery becomes, and it must be called repeatedly for each row. This is one of those rare cases where doing it in VBA is faster than doing it in SQL — after all, row numbering is fundamentally iterative, not set-based which just goes against the grain of what SQL was designed to do – solve a problem in a set-based fashion, non-iterative fashion.

Thanks, Scott. I made the changes you suggested, but it’s still not working. Nothing is being populated in the Sequence control on the form. If I manually enter a # in the Sequence field, the RecordNumber displays correctly. Here is my code for the SaveRecordButton and the controlsource expression for the RecordNumber.

I have to print a 1 page pdf document. But I want there to be on top of the page a sequential number that would appear when I print for example 500 copies. There would be 001 on the first, 002 on the second, etc…

Hi! I hope you help me with this. I have the almost same problem as #2. I have PassengerTable as table name, then I have the following fields: sequence (to follow what you have in your post), transaction_date, and transaction_ID. Basically I want the to have sequential numbering in the transaction_ID where month and date from transaction_date is shown. i also have a generate (Command27)button as trigger.Tried the code with few modifications, but it sequence doesnt populate, and doesnt show any, except for what i have in control for transaction_ID which is the “Format(transaction_date,”yyyy-mm”) & “-” & Format(sequence,”000″)” and this only shows the year and date, so instead of 2015-08-001 it shows 2015-08-.

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Make sure that you are viewing non-printing characters by clicking the Show/Hide button on the toolbar (the button with on it). You should see paragraph marks next to the word Agreement if you are viewing these characters.

The company began as the National Manufacturing Company of Dayton, Ohio, was established to manufacture and sell the first mechanical cash register invented in 1879 by James Ritty. In 1884, the company and patents were bought by John Henry Patterson and his brother Frank Jefferson Patterson, and the firm was renamed the National Cash Register Company. Patterson formed NCR into one of the first modern American companies by introducing new, aggressive sales methods and business techniques. He established the first sales training school in 1893 and introduced a comprehensive social welfare program for his factory workers.

I want to make 300 numbered tickets for an event. The number on one side must match the number on the stub end that is given to the ticket holder. What is ncr numbering best way to set up a document to do this without having to manually enter 300 numbers?

Different Colors or Size: Our standard tickets are printed in black ink on yellow 90 lb index card stock. They measure 2 1/8? by 5 1/2? with the stub 1 1/2? from the left. We also offer White, Blue and Green card stock at no additional charge. If you would like your tickets printed in one of these colors just let us know in the “comments” section.

In the Replace control, enter the keys you’ll press to insert the field. You’ll want to choose a key sequence you won’t use (or seldom use). I used 1} as shown in Figure H. Those two keys might be easy to remember when linked to a reset SEQ field. (At least, I think so.)

It seems rather complex to me and I know I’d be missing zeros and ones all over the place trying to maintain this system.  If you insist on keeping everything associated with management commitment under #2 why not:

Simply get your design files and payment to us Monday – Friday by 2:30 PM, and we will have your order ready for pickup (or to ship out) the same business night generally between the hours of 5:30 PM and 11:30 PM. (Monday – Friday) 

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I removed the required setting on the table level. The form does not give me an error message now, but does not close on its on. I closed it via a command then looked at the Design Projects table to see if the new record, #896, shows up. A new record is there, with all the entered data EXCEPT the very important field of the Project ID. That field is blank.

Roxane, thanks so much for your direction! Not even having document numbers hadn’t even come into thought before now. I appreciate you pointing me to focus on the who owns the documentation, the document control process and the method that they are created….it really helped me to redirect. I was caught in one of those “that’s how we’ve always done it” situations and I didn’t even realize it! The real value is the document and the importance needs to be of it’s ease of use for the persons who need it.

1: Making Sequential Numbering using Data Merge (files don’t have to be merged to a new ID file but can be merged directly to a new PDF): Episode 6: Making Sequential Numbers for a Data Merge – YouTube

I have been known to have a “rainbow” document when changes muyltip[e changes are made at different points in time. I really need to remember to go back at the “signed-off” version and start over with all black.

Safe Area is the 1/8″ (0.125″) area inside the trim line. Do not put critical information or images within the Safe Area. This is to prevent minor cutting variations from leaving unintended results at the trim edge. For more information on safe area, please Click Here

One of the reasons for using letters instead of numbers is to combat the problem you describe – it reduces the potential for confusion between e.g. “Issue 2 Draft 3” and the more traditional “Version 2.3”. But as you say, it’s not perfect. Unless you want to call it “Draft 3 Towards Issue 2” – but that’s a bit too wordy!

Following on this, what are your thoughts on changing a numbering system once you’ve already started? the system we currently use I inherited from my predecessor, and it’s very long and convoluted and doesn’t make much sense to me. it also makes it annoying to store documents because the titles are too long on some and has to be changed. I would ideally like to start from scratch with a simple numbering system that suit us better. I’m pretty new to this particular project and I want it to be set up properly.

Generalized hypergeometric series Hypergeometric function of a matrix argument Lauricella hypergeometric series Modular hypergeometric series Riemann’s differential equation Theta hypergeometric series

Understanding outline numbering and how outline numbering interacts with styles is crucial to your success in using Word with legal documents. Basic outline numbering can be handled much the same way as bullets and numbering. Seven default outline numbered lists come with Word. Three of the lists format the paragraphs with outline numbers. These lists are in the top row of the dialog box. The remaining four format the paragraphs with outline numbers and apply heading styles to the paragraphs and can be found in the bottom row.

The most important sequences spaces in analysis are the ℓp spaces, consisting of the p-power summable sequences, with the p-norm. These are special cases of Lp spaces for the counting measure on the set of natural numbers. Other important classes of sequences like convergent sequences or null sequences form sequence spaces, respectively denoted c and c0, with the sup norm. Any sequence space can also be equipped with the topology of pointwise convergence, under which it becomes a special kind of Fréchet space called an FK-space.

Type “seq ” followed by the name of the element. This name is up to you, but should be the same for each item in this sequence. For instance, you could type “seq figures” or “seq tables” (without the quote marks).

DAYTON, Ohio — NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) today named Colleen O’Keefe as vice president and general manager of its Payment Solutions business that provides imaged-based services, such as check-image processing, to the finance and retail industries.

Regarding our full color items that we print: Please note due to the nature of our color printing process (CMYK), we cannot print every color available. Please note also that the color image that you view on your monitor is produced in a mode called RGB. All images we receive are automatically converted to the CMYK mode which may cause a shift in color. In addition, the same RGB color will show up differently from one computer monitor to another because of calibration differences between computer monitors. As such, we will not be responsible for any shift in any color printing and will not reprint any order that we feel is within our printing capability! Our prices are highly discounted because variations may occur. The color printing we produce is visually pleasing, but does not attempt to match exact color.

“document numbering in publisher sequential numbering in word header”

Rhia Wieclawek & Cassy Freeman. This is the solution I ended up with and so far its working well. The only  problem is that I will have to manually configure this workflow at the  start of each project but that’s not a big job.

Print Line Types Definition for Legal Documents W7430021D On the Work With Print Templates Definition for Legal Documents Revisions form, select Line Types Definition from the Form menu. Define the number of rows for print template line types.

Select this option to change the case of the text that appears in the header or footer. For example, you may want to use sentence case in your footer, even though the heading on the page appears in title case.

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Do you know of any other good raffle ticket templates for Word? Got some tips on making great tickets? How about things you’ve done to boost ticket sales? We’d love to hear about them. Helping people make use of technology to help others is a worthy goal.

An application requires multiple numbers to be assigned at the same time. For example, an application needs to reserve five sequential numbers. Requesting identity values could result in gaps in the series if other processes were simultaneously issued numbers. Calling sp_sequence_get_range can retrieve several numbers in the sequence at once.

One of the reasons for using letters instead of numbers is to combat the problem you describe – it reduces the potential for confusion between e.g. “Issue 2 Draft 3” and the more traditional “Version 2.3”. But as you say, it’s not perfect. Unless you want to call it “Draft 3 Towards Issue 2” – but that’s a bit too wordy!

Print Templates Definition for Legal Documents Revision W7430021B On the Work With Print Templates Definition for Legal Documents form, click Add. Set up print template definitions for legal documents.

(PRT) You do not need to enter any specific values on the Portugal Print Template Definition of Legal Documents form because the system does not use this form to generate the output for Portugal legal documents.

The expression: Nz(DMax(“[PONum]”,”tblPO”),0)+1 will check if a PONum already exists. If it doesn’t it returns a 1, if it does it returns the number incremented by 1. If the number exists, but is 0 it will return a 1. In my blog I advise that number should NOT be generated until the user is ready to save the record. And to immediately commit the record after generating the number. Therefore, there should be no issue about giving them a new number if they go back to it.

In homological algebra and algebraic topology, a spectral sequence is a means of computing homology groups by taking successive approximations. Spectral sequences are a generalization of exact sequences, and since their introduction by Jean Leray (1946), they have become an important research tool, particularly in homotopy theory.

Select this check box to allow the system to print the banking information of the company on the legal document. You specify the details of the http://thedailyrant.net information in the Bank Connections for Legal Document program (P700050).

“Will this be on the test?” “Yeah, about the test. The test will measure whether you are an informed, engaged, and productive citizen of the world, and it will take place in schools and bars and hospitals and dorm rooms and in places of worship. You will be tested on first dates, in job interviews, while watching football, and while scrolling through your Twitter feed. The test will judge your ability to think about things other than celebrity marriages, whether you’ll be easily persuaded by empty political rhetoric, and whether you’ll be able to place your life and your community in a broader context. The test will last your entire life, and it will be comprised of the millions of decisions, that when taken together, make your life yours. And everything — EVERYTHING — will be on it.”

For example, a document with the number 1A1A001 would mean the document was provided by Plaintiff Adams, is located in the warehouse, was received pursuant to Defendant’s request to produce dated November 16, 1981, and the document number is A001.

You can change the numbers in the list by restarting the sequence or by specifying a new start number. You can change the list’s style. You can do anything to this list that you can do to a normal numbered list because it is a numbered list, with one exception: the list, while easy to format, is fixed. If you delete an item, the list updates accordingly, but I haven’t found a way to add numbers.

“Tombola-Nummerierung in Wort sequentielle Nummerierungsdateien”

ich möchte ein Layout erstellen, in dem es automatisch fortlaufend durchnummerrierte Abschnitte gibt. So weit ist allesklar. Jetzt kommt mein Problem. Ich möchte diese automatische Zahl (welche ich nicht im Dokument markieren kann!) über 2 Zeilen laufen lassen und finde keine Einstellung dazu (Initial ist es auch nicht, da wird der erste Buchstabe nur zum Initial). Für schnelle Hilfe wäre ich sehr dankbar.

Zu jeder erfolgreichen Veranstaltung gehört auch der Weg zum Ziel. Bieten Sie Ihren Teilnehmern deshalb am Besten den Weg direkt mit an: Mit dem Veranstaltungsticket der Deutschen Bahn reisen Ihre Teilnehmer einfach und komfortabel zum bundesweiten Festpreis.

NÜRNBERGER Versicherung AG Österreich Schutz und Sicherheit im Zeichen der Burg Ein Versprechen, dem Millionen zufriedener Kunden vertrauen. Denn Unternehmen werden genau wie Menschen nach ihrem Handeln

Im Fenster Belegnummerierung – Definition wird lediglich die Standardserie angezeigt. Prüfen Sie auf jeden Fall die Liste der Serien für relevante Stammdaten oder Belege durch einen Doppelklick auf den Zeilenkopf, bevor Sie in diesem Fenster Änderungen vornehmen.

Hinweis: Um das Ersetzen vorhandener Daten beim Ziehen des Ausfüllkästchens zu vermeiden, stellen Sie sicher, dass das Kontrollkästchen Vor dem Überschreiben von Zellen warnen aktiviert ist. Wenn von Excel vor dem Überschreiben von Zellen keine Meldung ausgegeben werden soll, können Sie dieses Kontrollkästchen deaktivieren.

M i n i d r e h g e b e r M i n i e n c o d e r precision w o r k s better Technologie NEU AE 30 H NEU AE 30 S Modernste Technologie und Verfahren, Prozessdenken und stetige Verbesserung sind Kernelemente

Wichtig! Diese Einstellungen werden gesperrt, sobald Sie anfangen, Belege der entsprechenden Belegart einzugeben. Es ist daher wichtig, dass Sie die geeignete Nummerierungsweise einstellen, bevor Sie im Modul Belegerfassung arbeiten.

If a device enumerates without any errors, but doesn’t appear to do anything, then it is likely there are no drivers installed for it. Search around, based on the manufacturer’s name for the device or the USB IDs that are displayed in lsusb (e.g. 05dc:a781). The device may not be supported with default Linux drivers – and you may need to download or compile your own third-party software.

Genaue Angaben zu den Fristen für die Einlegung von Rechtsbehelfen: Anträge auf Nachprüfung der Ausschreibungsunterlagen können bis spätestens 7 Tage vor Ablauf der Angebotsfrist beim Bundesvergabeamt eingebracht werden.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR DISHWASHERS Chap 7 DISPOSAL There are no materials on our machines that require special disposal procedures. 7.1 Information for users in accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree dated 25 July 2005, “Implementation Directives 2002/95/EC, 2002/96/EC and 2003/108/EC, concerning reduction of use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, and disposal of waste”…

Nun bleibt ‘nur’ noch das Problem zu lösen, dass die Reihenfolge der Belegnummern auf dem Geldkonti mit dem Buchungsdatum der Bank/Post übereinstimmen. Dies können Sie entweder dadurch lösen, dass Sie pendente Vergütungsaufträge erst verbuchen, wenn Sie andere Bewegungen (alle Buchungen mit Ausnahme der Vergütungsaufträge), die vor dem Valutadatum des e-Banking-Auftrages liegen, normal in die FIBU einbuchen und den Vergütungsauftrag erst verbuchen lassen, wenn er aufgrund des Datums an der Reihe ist.

Current searches: öffentlicher dienst, twist, recht haben, about, zusammenpassen, where practicable, abwechslungsreich, add value, paragraph absatz, the same as, maximal zulässig, snot, entstehen durch, generation, festzustellen

Sie möchten Datensätze in einer Abfrage fortlaufend nummerieren. Sie können dafür keinen Autowert oder Zähler in der Tabelle speichern, weil die Nummerierung auch nach dem Löschen oder Einfügen etc. immer fortlaufend und ohne Lücken erfolgen soll.

INSTRUKTIONSMANUAL FÖR DISKMASKINER OBS: Om maskinen stängs av och sedan sätts på igen återställs meddelandet. Kontakta en auktoriserad serviceverkstad om problemet återkommer. Kap 7 AVFALLSHANTERING På våra maskiner finns inget material som måste avfallshanteras i särskild ordning. 7.1 Information till användarna I enlighet med art.

Spiralbindung ist eine spezielle Form des Bindens des Buchblocks. Mit einem Apparat wird der Buchblock an den Rändern gelocht und in die Löcher wird eine Metallspirale eingesetzt. Im Angebot finden Sie Metallspiralen in drei Standardfarben: Weiß, Schwarz und Silber. Die Spiralbindung wird bis zu einer Dicke von 28 mm eingesetzt.

MANUEL D’EMPLOI DU LAVE-VAISSELLE Chap 6 AUTODIAGNOSTIC L’appareil est sequential numbering d’un système d’autodiagnostic en mesure de relever différentes anomalies de fonctionnement. Anomalie Description et possibles solutions Anomalie de vidange BOILER TANK La vidange n’est pas effectuée ou est mal effectuée. Vérifier si le trop-plein a été retiré. Contrôler que le tuyau n’est ni plié…

ASTIANPESUKONEIDEN KÄYTTÖOPAS Luku 7 KONEEN HÄVITTÄMINEN Koneissamme ei ole materiaaleja, jotka vaatisivat erityisiä jätteenkäsittelytoimenpiteitä. 7.1 Tietoja käyttäjille 25. heinäkuuta päivätyn lain nro. 151 pykälän 13 mukaisesti, jossa “sovelletaan sähkö- ja elektroniikkalaitteissa käytettyjen vaarallisten aineiden vähentämistä sekä jätteiden hävittämistä käsitteleviä EU- direktiivejä 2002/95, 2002/96 ja 2003/108 “…

In der Einnahmen-Ausgaben-Rechnung ist die Bank üblicherweise der Hauptbelegkreis, über den die meisten und vielfältigsten Belege verbucht werden. Für die optimale Übersicht sorgt eine gut überlegte Nummernvergabe in diesem Belegkreis.

Schaltet die Nummerierung oder die Aufzählungszeichen für den Absatz ein oder aus. Sie können auch die Formatvorlage der Nummerierung auswählen und die Nummerierung in einer nummerierten Liste zurücksetzen.

22 5.4 Märchenstunden Aufgabengebiet: Märchen und Geschichten für Kinder vorlesen im Zoo Berlin. Neuer Lese Ort Welt der Vögel Afrika-Abteilung Anforderungen: Zuverlässigkeit, Flexibilität und Einfühlungsvermögen im Umgang mit Kindern und deren Eltern, erweitertes polizeiliches Führungszeugnis erforderlich Ehrenamtsvereinbarung Zeit: In der Regel an jedem 3.Sonntag im Monat mit Ausnahmen bei Veranstaltungen oder Märchentage Dienstplan Training: Jede der Damen hat ihren eigenen Stil und freie Auswahl des Lesestoffs Kommunikationstraining im Rahmen der obligatorischen Weiterbildungen Teilnahme an den obligatorischen Weiterbildungen der Ehrenamtlichen Seite 22 von 28

Ordnungszahl komplett ab Ebene 1 gibt im Rumpf der Seite nicht die Nummerierung der hierarchisch obersten Ebene – z.B. LV-Nr. – an, aber alle untergeordneten Nummerierungen, z.B. Titel-, Los-Nummerierung und die Positionsnummer.

ΕΧΕΙΡΙ∆ΙΟ ΧΡΗΣΗΣ ΓΙΑ ΠΛΥΝΤΗΡΙΟ ΠΙΑΤΩΝ • Αν η αποχέτευση δεν είναι σε στάθµη χαµηλότερη από τη βάση της συσκευής, µπορείτε να χρησιµοποιήσετε τον τύπο που διαθέτει αντλία εκκένωσης (διαθέσιµος κατόπιν παραγγελίας). • Στην περίπτωση αυτή το µέγιστο ύψος της αποχέτευσης πρέπει να είναι 1 •…

BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG FÜR GESCHIRRSPÜLMASCHINE Kap 1 EINLEITUNG Die Nichtbeachtung der in der vorliegenden Anleitung enthaltenen Anweisungen kann die Sicherheit des Geräts beeinträchtigen und führt zum sofortigen Verfall der Garantie. Die in der vorliegenden Bedienungsanleitung enthaltenen Warnhinweise geben wichtige Sicherheitsanweisungen bei den einzelnen Installationsphasen, dem Gebrauch und der Wartung.